Picture this... the epic scale of Bollywood's production capabilities, without needing a Hollywood-sized budget.


Open on a French director filming in South Africa for a Singaporean agency and an Indian client. Dissolve to an Italian director and Australian DOP in Mumbai shooting for a Korean major. Quick cuts of working with heavyweights such as Bryan Buckley, Tom Kuntz, Samuel Bayer, Tarsem, Armando Bo, David Denneen, Francois Rousselet, Harmony Korine, Henry-Alex Rubin, Christopher Riggert, Charley Stadler, Gregor Jordan, Paul Street, PSYOP, Garth Davis... We also represent Academy Award nominee Ashutosh Gowariker, BAFTA nominee Sanjay Leela Bhansali, critically acclaimed Santosh Sivan as well as Academy Award and BAFTA nominee Ashvin Kumar, among others.


From world class production for Indian commercials to award winning production services for global companies shooting in India, we've done almost everything in film making, with everyone and for everyone. So, when can we expect you?